Degree Awarded

At the moment the participant Universities are only able to award NucPhys successful students  a multiple Master Degree based on the existing national Masters. Each hosting HEIs can award its own Master degree to all students who has obtained a minimum of 30 ECTS in the institution. The Master degrees delivered by each Consortium HEI are already fully accredited in the participant countries.

However, the NucPhys Consortium is fully aware of the importance of the delivery of a Joint Diploma after completion of the NucPhys joint programme, in terms of transparency and visibility at European level and beyond. It is fully committed to work on this aspect: each consortium member has already checked the possibility of issuing a joint degree at the national level and analysing the most successful mobility scheme of students will tune the most suitable way to achieve such fundamental joint result.  Our aim is that NucPhys EMJMD will award an official joint-degree to the successful students, signed by the Rectors of all involved Universities. It should be mentioned that our joint-degree proposal is compatible with the maximum level of integration allowed by the current legislation in the different countries. We have already started moving the procedure in the three countries to verify our programme by the corresponding national agencies and getting before the starting date of the courses the accreditation of this Joint Master Degree. The official name of the joint master degree will be “European Master in Nuclear Physics”.