Selection Process

After closing the deadline for applications, the consortium’s Selection Committee will evaluate them. The admission policy is intended to ensure equal opportunity of access to higher education for qualified European and Third-country students. In the first instance the Selection Committee selects those students who meet the Admission Requirements and afterwards establishes a ranking considering merits (according to the list of Additional Merits listed below that includes a videoconference interview). Finally, the Committee formulates a proposal for the candidates who should be accepted into the Master, the list top ranked candidate deserving the award of the Erasmus + EMJMDs scholarship, according to Erasmus Mundus rules, as well as a reserve list. As soon as the list is approved, students will be informed, by fax or e-mail.


  • academic results of the student within his/her class (typical requirement: Grade Point Average) of at least 75% of the scale maximum -- up to 40 points
  • personal or on-line interview with the selection committe -- up to 40 points
  • relevant work experience related to the field of the Master Course -- up to 5 points
  • letter of motivation by the student -- up to 5 points
  • recommendation from recognized scientists -- up to 5 points
  • level of English knowledge (higher than B2) -- up to 2 points
  • other merits to be considered by the selection committee -- up to 3 points
  • adequation of the student's background with the field of the Masters course -- this will be valorated in the interview and used as a renormalization factor on the points obtained in it.

Besides, as one of the NucPhys EMJMD missions is to attract the best students from all over the world interested in Nuclear Physics, the final selection will encourage a possible spread of the number of places considering the applicants nationalities.

The selection list for granted students will be submitted to the European Commission. The Coordinating Institution (University of Seville) will inform the students as soon as the list is approved (likely by the end of April).

Admitted students will normally be accepted for one of the mobility schemes mentioned in their three preferred choices. Changes in the mobility scheme should be approved by the steering committee.

In order to ensure the clearness and transparency of the selection process, every applicant will have the right to know their final position according to the following scheme:

  • Group I: Applications of very good quality (score higher than 75 points out of 100).
  • Group II: Applications of good quality (score between 60 and 75 points out of 100).
  • Group III: Applications of weak quality (score less than 60 points out of 100).

They will also be notified by an official letter expressly confirming the student’s admission to the Master programme. The letter will be accompanied by a brief description of the Masters Course, with express reference to its forming part of the European Commission Erasmus + Programme - EMJMD, its organization by officially recognised educational entities in the three countries, and any other information which may help to complete the paperwork necessary to obtain visas, official permits, etc.


  • deadline for applications: 13th March, 2020 

  • the selection committee will produce an ordered list of applicants by the end of March, 2020
  • the list is sent to the EACEA for approval by April 15, 2020
  • communications to the accepted students and grant assignments by the end of May, 2020